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Welcome to Sweet Paint Removal’s website. We would like to thank you for taking the time to visit our site. Please feel free to visit our services section to learn about the many services we offer. Also, feel free to visit the Information and resources section where you will find information and resource links related to deleading and lead safety as well as frequently asked questions.


About Sweet Paint Removal: Sweet Paint Removal founded by George Sweet and in business since 1988 is dedicated to getting the job done on time without sacrificing quality. Sweet Paint Removal always does a full setup with 2 layers of 6 mil. poly before beginning the job and always does a full cleanup using hepa vac and tsp to achieve full compliance with DLS and OSHA regulations. Please note: Sweet Paint Removal is fully licensed and insured.


There are many reasons to have your property deleaded, but the most important is safety. Lead paint is hazardous to all, but more hazardous to children in their early developmental stages of life. The Massachusetts’ lead law requires all properties before 1978 where a child or children under six resides to be deleaded. To learn more visit our information and resources section or checkout our frequently asked questions section to the right of this page.


One of the most important things you should do to protect your child or children from lead is have your place inspected for lead by a license inspector and then have the lead removed or covered by a license deleader immediately. The longer your child or children stay in contact with lead, the more it hurts them.

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